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COVID-19 Safety Plan

A Family Affair has always taken the safety and well being of our customers very seriously. The outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus) is no different.

We hope that you and your loved ones continue to be safe, healthy and hopeful. As we continue to deliberate and tackle the challenges we’re all currently facing in the event industry, we anticipate our showroom to be open for Client meetings by July 8, 2020, pending Governmental guidelines.

In an age where events will commence in ways we never thought possible, we’re here to assure you that we will team up with you every step of the way as we navigate through this erratic time together. We are committed to making this a safe transition for our employees, for our Clients, and for our vendor community. As part of that commitment, we have outlined our workplace safety guidelines and product cleaning/sanitation procedures below. 

Cleaning, Maintenance, and Sanitizing Practices

The health and safety of our customers and their guests is of utmost importance. We respect everyone’s concerns about COVID-19 (coronavirus), H1N1, HIV, and other infectious elements.

Our cleaning process for rental items is as follows:

Complete removal of dirt, debris, and any other substances
Clean the item thoroughly with warm soapy water.
Wipe and clean all surface areas of the item with commercial medical grade disinfectant cleaner/sanitizer
Once the items are setup on location, a disinfectant will be sprayed on all common areas.


NOTE– Please allow 20 minutes from the time the equipment is sprayed until use. This time will allow the sanitizing spray to complete its task and dry.

No rental items will be reserved for another event for at least 2 days after your event. This will allow us time to complete the same cleaning process for the next customer.

How We Clean and Sanitize our Rental Products

Linens: All of our returned linens are laundered with detergent and sanitized in a commercial tunnel washer before they are dried, pressed and individually bagged at our laundry facility. Both used and unused linens are cleaned using water temperature settings and wash cycles in accordance with FDA guidelines.

China, Glassware, Flatware & Serveware: Our china, flatware, glassware and serveware are cleaned in commercial dishwashers on a sanitizing cycle before being stored in single-use plastic. Our dish washing equipment is programmed to use water temperatures in excess of 180 degrees Fahrenheit to remain in accordance with FDA guidelines. These products are wrapped and stored for future use immediately after they are cleaned.

Totes and Crates: The totes and crates we use to wrap and carry our equipment are also cleaned and sanitized. Most of the items that hold our rentals have been converted to plastic/composite.

How We Ensure Workplace Safety

In an effort to maintain a safe, injury-free workplace we remain compliant with all of the safety guidelines recommended by OSHA.

We have mandated the use of masks and vinyl gloves for all warehouse, delivery and operational employees, as well as masks for our event planning team.

All employees will remain at least six feet apart while performing their daily tasks. Work teams will be established for tasks that cannot be accomplished alone, and employees assigned to work teams will routinely work together while keeping their distance from everyone else.

All sanitation areas in our offices, warehouses and delivery trucks contain hand sanitizer with at least 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol. All employees will be required to wash their hands at the beginning and the end of each shift and at least every 60 minutes throughout, using hand sanitizer when sinks are not available.


All of our delivery vehicles are stocked with hand sanitizer and anti-viral spray to wipe down interior surfaces. Delivery Team members will be instructed to perform contact-less deliveries and drop offs to minimize person-to person contact whenever possible. For deliveries that require installation, our drivers will maintain at least 6 feet away from customers who need to offer instruction

All high-touch areas (restrooms, door handles, light switches, railings, trash receptacles, etc.) are cleaned and disinfected regularly in our showroom.

Hours of Operation

Beginning June 1st, our hours of operation for deliveries and pickups will be Monday - Friday from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.


Helpful Resources

Centers for Disease Control:

Coronavirus Resource Center:

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