Why am I doing this? When the pandemic hit, I like so many other small business owners had to think quick to adjust how I was going to manage a team, a full Client list and home school my two young girls. While it was overwhelming at first to say the least, I kept my thoughts positive and within a short period of time I adjusted to this new normal while keeping our team employed and engaged. I donated what I could, and I knew I was doing my part, by staying home and caring for my children. I wanted to do more and I couldn't shake the feeling. I was watching my friends in the tourism and wedding community panic at the idea of no large gatherings taking place this year, and as of today (5/20) most of our weddings have been postponed to 2021. We are doing this giveaway because we feel it is the best way to help on a large scale. I personally know the value of an online shoutout, so I began doing this on my own for the businesses I care deeply about. AFA fully funded all of the giveaways from local Maine businesses that we feel have been the silver lining and an inspiration during these challenging times. They have changed their offerings, partnered with other local businesses, added services for delivery or curbside, donated their time, offered tutorials...I spent countless hours researching businesses doing amazing things. Initially I started with 5 giveaways, but I ultimately ended up with 9 vendors and 8 giveaways!

There are so many helpers, and we have no other expectations other than we want you to:

1) buy local whenever possible.

2) support a favorite business by giving them a review (google, facebook, linkedin, etc)

3) raise awareness and positive vibes.

We promise we won't use your email. You don't need to follow us on Instagram...we are committed to supporting our Maine community and we hope you'll join us.






Package 1

Rubble Rhyme + Minka Home

Package 2

Good Karma Farm + Minka Home

Package 3

$100 gift card-Arcana

Package 4

$100 gift card-Rosemont Market + Bakery

Package 5

Anchors Away Pup Package-Scalawags

Package 6

Kitty Care Package-The Fish + Bone

Package 7

CFC Wear Package-$100 Value

Package 8

Tree + Vine Package-$100 Value